3 Tips to Eating Out On A Budget!

When coming to London, living on your own and being independent may be challenging for many people. For example, washing your clothes, cleaning the oven and most importantly figuring out how to cook. Cooking can be a chore when it’s your first time renting a room in London.

We are here to give you a few tips about eating on a budget. Most students tend to spend a great amount of money on takeaways, which isn’t healthy and ideal when you’re trying to live on a budget. How about you save money by cooking and beating the high street takeaways?

Prepare to Budget:

aldiWhen we mean reducing the takeaway meals, it doesn’t mean buying instant noodles for microwave meals. In fact, these readymade meals aren’t as nutritious as your own homemade food. You’re probably thinking “cooking will be a disaster since I’ve never cooked in my life.” Well not everyone is perfect when cooking for the first time which is ok.

There are many discounts you can grab in supermarkets. The recommended supermarkets are asdaAldi and Lidl. They’re ideal supermarkets when you’re on a budget. Bigger supermarkets like Asda, Tesco & Sainsburys are ideal as you can catch a few discounts and get loyalty points which can count towards your shopping every time you go there.

Split the Bill:

If you’re living in shared accommodation or living with a friend, it would be helpful to split the cardscosts between you and your friend. It would benefit you and the person you’re splitting with as either one of you won’t be paying the full price.

Also, if you’re treating yourself to go out with your mates, then splitting the bill is ideal as you’re saving more money. Try avoiding going to expensive places as you can get similar foods for a cheaper price.

A Recipe for Success:

tastySave your money from buying cookery books. Watch short videos on YouTube or other media apps like Instagram and Facebook, that shows you quick and short videos on how to prepare quick meals within minutes. As a university student, you would want to save time and money when cooking. You can download apps on your phone which you can watch on the go or during your spare time. As a bonus, you will learn new skills and create new dishes from your own mind, also it’s fun to cook because you experience the joy of it and invite people to help you or cook together.

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