What’s new at Sterling De Vere this summer?

We all love the sizzling heat this summer. We like to travel abroad or visit new places in London. Sterling De Vere has mind blowing deals and new rooms tor reserve today. Read more to find out…


We know how much people like summer and accommodation is important, if you’re looking to stay more than a day. Here at Sterling De Vere, we can help you with finding a room in London. Since it’s summer, we want to give you as many deals to help you stay in London on a budget and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

We have many rooms in new properties Look at these single and double rooms that could be yours!

1.)    Lister House:

07li rm2 -3




Double room in E1. Starting from £180 per week. (Available 13th August. Reserve Now!) 


2.)    Trinidad House:

31tr rm2 -4




Single room in E14. Starting from £160 per week. (Available 30th July. Reserve Now!)


3.)    Yeoman Court:

Room 2




Double room in E14. Starting from £280 per week. (Available 27th August. Reserve Now)


4.)    Parkview Apartments:





Double room in E14. Starting from £250 per week. (Available 1st August. Reserve Now!)


Here’s the exciting part! Simply click on “rent” found in the navigation bar, then book a room that you’re interested in. After doing this, you will find receive £300 cashback when renting a room with us TODAY!

Even better, get 2 weeks of free rent when booking a room with us. We all love anything that’s free and that’s what we’re offering our lovely customers. We are loyal to our customers and we want the best for them.

Sounds too good to be true? Chat to us, we will help you find the ideal room and start your journey smoothly. What are you waiting for? Browse through our rooms and arrange a viewing before these rooms get sold!

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