How to prepare for the World Cup 2018!

Will you be in London to watch the World Cup. Here are a few tips on how to prepare yourself for the World Cup. Scroll down to read more…


As you know, the World Cup will take place in Russia and most of us are excited to watch this grand tournament. Have you chosen who to support? Comment below which team you will be supporting this year

1.)    Location:

Have you chosen the location of where to watch the games? Most people either go to the Pub to watch the matches or from the comfort of their homes. If you have decided to watch in the pub, then make sure to grab a pint of beer because your local pub will be packed with people watching the match. Another way is inviting some friends over and watch it together, creates a good vibe.

2.)    Snacking:

You don’t want to eat anything heavy during the match, maybe a light snack could work out. You don’t want to travel far to get your favourite snacks, surely the area you’re living in has local shops or supermarkets where you can buy affordable snacks. A packet of crisps with a saucy dip could be ideal when watching the match, if you’re having people over don’t forget to share!

3.)    Health and Safety:

Health and Safety is important when watching the match. Make sure you’re in good health especially if you’re not watching it from home, if you’re planning on drinking when watching the match, be reasonable with the amount of alcohol you’re consuming especially if you’re driving, you don’t want to be drunk and driving. Also, make sure that you’re not getting into any fights or arguments as it can cause other people getting hurt emotionally or physically.


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