Top 5 places to visit this summer

Summer is already here, and we have a few ideas under our sleeves that we think will benefit you. Whether you’re new to this city or been here for a while, you’re more than welcome to read through the 5 top places to visit this summer.

1.)    Sky Garden:

sky gardenSky Garden is popular for it’s exquisite views of London and great space to relax and tour around with your friends and family. Inside the Sky Garden there are a range of restaurants on the top floor. This is perfect for tourists who want to visit London as they can experience London from a different perspective. Sky Garden is in 20 Fenchurch Street, nearest station is Monument station. You can book a free visit on

2.)    The Shard:

shardThe Shard is like the Sky Garden, but it incorporates retail, offices, hotel, apartments, restaurants and a public viewing gallery. However, you must book tickets to visit The Shard. The Shard is located outside London Bridge station which saves you time when looking for the building. You can start booking your tickets on

3.)    Kew Gardens:

kewKew Gardens is a botanical garden that exhibits a wide range of plants and scientific research. Inside Kew Gardens there’s a stunning glasshouse and includes an experience of the exotic rainforest. The Princess of Wales Conservatory invites you to experience 10 of the world’s climate zones- isn’t that incredible! There are many attractions you can explore in Kew Gardens, it’s located in Kew, nearest station being Kew Gardens Rail. Book your tickets in advance on

4.)    Hyde Park:

hydeHyde Park is one of London’s largest park which comprises of greenery and events happening during the seasons. Hyde Park has a rose garden that you can stroll through and it’s perfect for taking Instagram pictures. Winter Wonderland takes place here and it’s open in winter, the good news is that it’s free, but you will need to pay for the attractions and other activities. Hyde Park is outside Marble Arch station so travelling wouldn’t be a hassle.

5.)    Rooftop Film Club:

rooftopTake your film to another level. Introducing you to Rooftop Film Club in Shoreditch, Stratford and Peckham. Watch your movie in a unique fashion, sit back and relax on the deckchairs and put on your headphones and watch your movie like never. There are three locations depending on what movie is showcasing. Go on their website, choose what movie you want to watch and see the location.

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