Shoreditch is ready for Spring, are you?

Find out what Shoreditch has installed for you this Spring

If you love the urban culture, then you will love to stay in Shoreditch. With the number of things, you can do in Shoreditch will blow you away starting from mouth-watering restaurants to the liveliest bars and clubs in London. Are you interested to know more…? Then scroll down to find out to explore!


3 Top Bar and Clubs in Shoreditch:

1.)   Cargo Shoreditch

blog2Cargo is the place to go to have a little rave during the night or sit in the garden with a fantastic BBQ in the garden during the day. A bonus is that it’s affordable- who doesn’t like affordable things? Want your Saturday to be memorable, Cargo has an event hosted every Saturday called Wanderlust with two different rooms, starts at 6pm-3am! With a turbosound system you are bound to feel the beat running through your veins. Nearest station is Old Street tube station.

2.)   XOYO Shoreditch

blog3XOYO is the Shoreditch’s most famous club, known as the well-respected night club in London. XOYO focused on House, Techno and Disco music. If you’re a student then you’ll love Sneak, it’s London’s leading music led student night for over 3 years, this event is held every Tuesday at 10pm-3am. Also, the drinks are super cheap as well as the entry ticket, save money whilst having the time of your life! Nearest station is Old Street tube station.

3.)   Queen of Hoxton

blog4Queen of Hoxton is combined with a bar, club and restaurant. People who visit love to relax on the rooftop which is available during the summer. Doesn’t stop you from enjoying a nice, fresh cocktail at the bar and feasting on delicious food available on site. Don’t miss out on this amusing event Old Skool Sundays, starting from the 22nd April 2018 till the 24th June 2018, this event includes over 20 games such as a Mega Connect 4, Giant Jenga, Ping Pong and FREE POPCORN! This is located near Old Street Tube Station.


blog 5

3 Mouth-watering restaurants in Shoreditch:

1.)   Falafelicious

blog6Are you a fan of Falafel? Then you will enjoy Falafelicious which is originally a family-based restaurant where they include Falafel in their popular dishes such as salads and bread etc. Even if you have never tried this out, it’s something to try out and enjoy a great experience. This is in Boxpark which is Shoreditch’s first pop-up mall which includes various foods that you would want to feast on and other trendy stuff that is going on. Nearest station is Shoreditch High Street station.

2.)   Black Bear Burger

blog7If you want a juicy, succulent burger then Black Bear Burger is the place to go. This is a unique food stall opened by husband and wife Liz and Stew. Their aim is to create delicious burgers using the highest quality beef and using the freshest home grown and making handmade burgers from scratch.

This is found in Boxpark where Shoreditch High Street station is only adjacent to the food stalls and entertainment. Support their journey by visiting their food stall in Boxpark and trying out their juicy burgers and other foods they offer.

3.)   Soft Serve Society

Don’t forget to make space for dessert. In Boxpark there is a trendy ice cream shop that serve milkshakes and ice cream in the cutest fashion. blog8Choose from a wide range of flavours that you can’t imagine. A lot of Instagram bloggers visit this trendy place. This isn’t your average ice cream shop, this is your modern ice cream shop. This is in Boxpark and the nearest station is Shoreditch High Street station. There are many places to visit in Shoreditch not just restaurants, bars and clubs. You can shop at the Old Spitalfields Market where they sell your daily essentials at an affordable price; this is not far from Shoreditch.

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