Tips for Landlords

Finding the right tenant for your beloved property can be a tough task for Landlords, especially considering the amount of time, money and effort that has gone into renovating and maintaining the good condition of the property.

Here at Sterling De Vere, with our many years’ experience and our team of experts that are always available on hand, please feel free to take a look at these top tips that we’ve drawn up for your benefit and convenience.


Sterling De Vere’s top tips For Landlords to consider:

  • Ensure that you choose the right tenants: Always make yourself aware with who will be living within the property and which requirements they may have.
  • Sign a contract: This is an essential necessity as without a contract anything could go wrong. It is vital to sign a contract to ensure tenants do not out stay their welcome and to provide requirements that you may need to certify.
  • Make yourself aware with the Terms & Conditions: After leasing out your property, always warrant yourself with what you need to comply with and what the particular agency is offering.
  • Rent: Always ensure that the rent you are receiving is paid on time and that the correct amount is paid into your account.

The benefits of letting out your property with Sterling De Vere:

  • Guaranteed Rent Scheme: As an agency, we guarantee that your rent is paid on time every time. That is why we offer a guaranteed rent scheme for all landlords that decide to let out their property with us.
  • Short Term Lets: If a short term let is what you are looking for, then here at Sterling De Vere we can offer you exactly what you are looking for.
  • Tenancy Agreement: In order to keep our Landlords happy and in the know, we ensure that a mutual Tenancy Agreement is signed so that we can keep our Landlords satisfied and happy with the service we offer at Sterling De Vere.
  • Weekly Cleaning Service: In order to keep your property in perfect condition, we deliver a weekly cleaning service that is available free of charge so that we can maintain the cleanliness of the residence.
  • Maintenance & Compliance: Our Maintenance & Compliance department ensure all issues are dealt with efficiently and should any works or problem arise, we will cover this and deal with any concerns within the shortest period of time.
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