Find a Place Which Really Is A Home Away From Home

There are as many reasons for needing short term accommodation in London as there are different people visiting the city. For some, it’s a question of finding a relaxed yet comfortable alternative to a hotel whilst they enjoy a holiday, whilst others may be wishing to take advantage of a work or study opportunity which requires them moving to the city for a short period of time. What all of these people are looking for is a genuine ‘home away from home’ – a place which offers the comfort of their own home whilst being within easy reach of all that the big city has to offer. Finding this may well be easier said than done, however, meaning that you should take advantage of absolutely any help which is on offer.

What people looking for short term apartments in London are desperate for is a place which combines the affordability of a budget bed and breakfast with the easy come easy go relaxed informality of their own home. Whilst staying in such a property you should be able to come, go, cook, eat and sleep as and when you wish, factors which will both provide a truly relaxed ambience whilst also helping you to save plenty of money. On top of this you should be surrounded by a place which is clean and well equipped and provides all of the equipment you need for day to day living – things such as an iron, ironing board, kitchen appliances and so on. Finding a place which ticks all of these boxes is incredibly tough, and leaves the wary first time traveller at risk of being taken advantage of. If you check out the Sterling De Vere letting agency, however, you’ll find that we’ve done all of the hard work on your behalf.

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If you search on our website, or by calling us on the phone, you’ll find that we can offer a few simple tips to guide you through the maze of properties on offer until you find that which perfectly suits your needs. The tips run as follows:

    • Price – Make sure you know your budget and stick to it. Since all of our properties come with extras such as bills, heating, cleaning, internet access, TV licence and linen, the weekly rent you’ll pay is more or less all you pay – making budgeting a much simpler process.
    • Room – Even the most spacious hotel room will struggle to compete in terms of size with an apartment or set of several rooms in a house. If several members of a family of different ages are travelling together this can be a huge advantage, since even the most luxurious of hotel rooms can start to feel claustrophobic after a while. London can be a fast paced and exhausting city and there will be times when you want to simply sit back and relax – having the space and privacy to do so will prove invaluable.
    • Home Comforts – The chief advantage of this type of rental is the sheer flexibility it has to offer. Eating out in London night after night can be an expensive business, for example, but with your own apartment you can opt to stay in and cook for yourself instead. A few nights home cooking could save the money which allows you to afford a luxury cordon bleu meal on one of the other nights. On top of this is the fact that doing simple things like cleaning, drying and ironing your clothes remains just that – simple. The ease of practical use of our well-furnished and appointed properties means that you can concentrate fully on enjoying everything which London has to offer, which is surely the point of staying there?

Visit our website or call us on 0800 014 8615 and we’ll guide you through the process of finding the perfect property. You can search by price, location, size or any combination of different factors and combine them with other features such as travel links and local amenities to pinpoint the perfect place. If you don’t speak English as first language then relax – many of our agents are bi-lingual, and they are experts on both the letting process and the areas in which our properties are based, meaning they’ll be able to answer any questions you might have.

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