Whether You’re A Tourist or A Worker, Find The Best Place To Stay

Moving to London is something which people from all over the United Kingdom and indeed the world have been doing for decades if not centuries. The fact is that the capital city is an economic and cultural powerhouse in global as well as national terms and therefore people from all walks of life are drawn there.  One of the hardest aspects of setting yourself up in London has traditionally been the tricky task of finding yourself somewhere to stay. For many, the most attractive option is short term accommodation in London, as this means that they can take advantage of the opportunities which the city offers without being tied down to any long term tenancy arrangement. If you’re planning to move to London for the short term then there will be a few simple criteria which you hope the property you find will be able to meet. The first of these is that it should be affordable whilst still meeting the basic levels of cleanliness and comfort which you’d expect. The second is that you should be offered the flexibility to be able to locate yourself in the ideal position.

Working with Sterling De Vere will make it simple to meet both of these criteria. Our website carries a huge portfolio of properties and you can begin your search by specifying the area or areas in which you’d like to live. This may be because of work commitments, to be close to family or simply because you like the look of a locality. Whatever the motivation, you can search only for properties in a certain area and then tweak the search in terms of factors such as the number of rooms available, the cost of the rent, the nearest tube station and the exact period for which you wish to stay in the property. Bearing all of this in mind, you’re only going to be offered those properties on our books which are absolutely perfect for your requirements, with none of the disappointment so often encountered when would be tenants find what they think is the ideal property only for it to fall short of what they require at the last possible moment.

The fact that every property we let reaches certain minimum levels in terms of the facilities on offer and the distance to the nearest tube station, as well as all rents being inclusive of factors such as Council Tax, means that you can put things like this out of your mind when looking and concentrate wholly on the practical aspects of the property – the number of rooms, the size of rooms etc. – and exactly whereabouts in London you’re going to be staying.

If you need to find somewhere to stay for the short term in London then either visit our website or call in at one of our branch offices. The fact that we embrace modern communication tools such as text messaging, social media and mobile apps means that once you’ve made contact with us we’ll keep the channels open until we find exactly what you need, and indeed after that you can still contact us round the clock on an emergency phone line should you have any problems.  The flexibility of our service means that we work equally well with business people and tourists, so whether you’re looking for a base to build your business empire, or somewhere to lay your head after a day spent enjoying the tourist sights, Sterling De Vere are the ideal people to call upon.

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