Getting The Right Valuation For Your Property

Letting out short term apartments in London is becoming ever more popular as demand grows and actually owning a property in the capital becomes an ever more difficult dream to achieve.  What’s more, the fast moving and cosmopolitan nature of the capital means that the type of tenancy required has changed over the years. Many people, wishing to take advantage of employment opportunities, visit friends or simply see the sights on a budget, have no interest in taking out a let which stretches months or even years into the future. More and more often, it’s simply a question of a few weeks which is required, and maybe simply a room or two in a house rather than the whole property. This has opened up whole new markets, and the first question which landlords wishing to take advantage often ask is – just how much is my property worth? If you have properties for rent in London then it’s vital that you gain a fair and accurate valuation.

When you let out short term apartments in London you have to ask yourself many questions:

  • How do I reach the market?
  • Who are my prospective tenants?
  • What kind of insurance do I need?
  • How will I collect the rent?

The key question, however, will revolve around the worth of your property and the rent you can therefor ask for. If you come to Sterling De Vere you’ll find it takes us literally minutes to answer all of those questions and get your property on the market.

Answering Your Questions
Our first advantage is the scale at which we work. Having managed literally thousands of properties across London we’ve handled every conceivable question and dealt with all the problems which are likely to arise. We know how to craft a listing that attracts tenants and have the platforms in place to get that listing in front of tens of thousands of people in an instant. Within twenty four hours of you signing with us, we’ll have your property in our offices, on our website and featuring on our innovative mobile apps.  When searching, tenants will be able to filter their search to include or not features such as a garden, a private balcony, air conditioning and so on. By allowing searches to be customised in this manner we make sure that time isn’t wasted further into the process.

Showcasing Your Property
Once someone has expressed an interest, we’ll take the stress out of viewings by handling them on your behalf. In our twenty four hour culture many people wish to arrange viewings in the evenings or at weekends and we make that possible. Our agents are also experts in the field and will be able to answer any questions asked, bringing a detailed knowledge of the local area to bear along with expertise in the field of letting. The world city status of London means that many people seeking somewhere to live have travelled from overseas and this is something else we’re on top of, thanks to our bi or multi-lingual agents.

Managing Your Letting
Once we’ve matched your property to the perfect tenant we’ll handle the day to day administration acquainted with renting out – we’ll collect the rent for you, deal with any queries from the tenant no matter what time of the day or night it is, sort out any repairs and handle issues such as checking tenants in and out and dealing with deposits. In short, we take the hard work out of being a landlord.

How It Works
Perhaps the most vital thing we can do for you is provide an honest and accurate valuation of what the value of your property is, and provide it quickly. If you visit our website you simply have to fill in a quick and simple online application form and we’ll provide an online evaluation free of charge. Alternatively, we can visit your property within 24 hours and give you an accurate valuation there and then. The figures we come up with are based on detailed knowledge of rents in the area and precisely what a property of the size and type you are letting can realistically expect to garner. Our size and experience make it simple for us to stay abreast of any fluctuations in the property market and adjust our valuations to meet them. The ‘cherry on the cake’ is that if you agree to our valuations and you accept our terms then we can guarantee to have a tenant inside your property within a mere twenty four hours.

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