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If you have a room to share, a full property or several rooms within a property which you wish to let out, there’s every chance that the perceived difficulty involved could put you off doing so and thus fully realising the value of your assets. At the start of the process there are so many questions to ask yourself, such as: Who are my ideal tenants? How much rent should I charge? What kind of safety measures do I need to take? Rather than deciding it’s simply too complex and difficult to be bothered with, however, you should get in touch with a top of the range letting agency who will know exactly how to handle your property and will ensure you get every penny of the rent it’s worth, whilst also making sure your tenants are completely happy and secure.

If you want to rent out an apartment in London, then the first question to ask is where exactly you are going to advertise it. In the old days an advertisement taken out in the local press or perhaps a few words on a postcard put up in nearby newsagents would suffice, but times have moved on and listings such as these would nowadays strike most would-be tenants as being somewhat amateurish. And remember, if someone seeking a place to live feels that your listing is below par then they may well assume that the same is true of the property itself. Working with a letting agency such as Sterling De Vere will ensure that your property is instantly logged onto our database and can thus be accessed instantly by literally thousands of people, whether they visit one of our offices, log onto our website or access our innovative mobile apps. In any case they’ll instantly be able to find out what the specifications of your property are, where it is situated, what it looks like and even get details of the local amenities. This information is bolstered by the fact that all of our agents are experts in the field of property letting and also in the areas within which the properties are situated, and thus will be able to answer any questions about amenities or transport.

The key to a letting agency of this kind is the sheer length and breadth of our experience. We’ve managed and let literally hundreds of properties and know just exactly what you need for an enticing and informative listing:

  • A detailed and clear photograph of any rooms on offer. Pictures which aren’t clear may well be simply a mistake, but they will arouse suspicion that something is being hidden.
  • A detailed description – is it a house, a flat, shared rooms in a house or some combination of the above
  • How many bedrooms are being offered
  • A detailed description of the physical dimensions of each room, as well as a carefully laid out floor plan.
  • What furniture is provided
  • What kitchen applications are included in the rent
  • Are the windows double glazed
  • Who will pay the utility bills – are they included in the overall
  • The same should apply to other bills such as insurance, TV licence, broadband provision etc.
  • How much deposit will be required and under what circumstances will it not be returned
  • How close are the local travel links
  • How far away are the nearest shops
  • Is there a post code and a map of the position provided

One of the chief advantages of working through our agency is that we provide guaranteed rents for landlords. This means that if you meet our criteria and are taken onto our listings we promise an agreed rent no matter what. What’s more we take the guesswork out of setting the level of this rent by using the database of all the other rents we charge. Not only that, but we do all the time consuming day to day management of your property – answering queries from tenants, arranging repairs, collecting rents, organising viewings and everything else which goes towards a successful letting experience.

If you have a property or room in a property to let then contact us immediately. We’re experts in the field, offer a guaranteed rent and by specialising in short term lets we offer the ultimate in flexibility. Surf our website to see exactly what we can offer, and call us on 0800 014 8615 to discuss your requirements, what you’ve got to offer and what you expect us to do for you.

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