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People travel to London from all over the world, drawn by the allure of a vibrant, exciting capital city and the many opportunities it offers. Some people simple come to see the sights, soak up some culture and visit friends, whilst other might be taking advantage of business and study chances, but one thing which they all have in common is that they’ll need somewhere to stay. Whether you’re looking for a room to share or several rooms in a house, what you’ll need is a letting agency which guarantees high quality accommodation and the highest standards of customer care. With Sterling De Vere that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

The key to the letting agency is that they combine flexibility with underlying stability. By offering a guaranteed rent for landlords they can attract the very best landlords and insist on the highest possible standards. The rent is guaranteed and that means that landlords, in turn, can be expected to provide the highest level of properties or rooms within properties. If you’re looking for a dream property in London we make tracking down the perfect place as simple and stress free as it possibly can be. Rather than having to launch yourself alone into the jungle of private landlords, keeping your fingers crossed they you don’t end up crossing paths with one of the many disreputable and exploitative landlords out there, you can work side by side with our specialised agents. The advantages we offer to anyone hoping to rent an apartment in London can be summarised as follows:

  • Size: We handle hundreds of properties of all types and sizes, specialising in rooms to let for temporary stays. The sheer range of our portfolio means that we’re bound to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for and, although differing hugely, all of our properties can boast certain features. They are all fully equipped in terms of furnishings and appliances and, vitally, all within easy reach of transport links. We don’t see why the fact that a person is staying only temporarily means that they should have to accept standards any lower than those offered to tenants signing longer term agreements.
  • Knowledge: Our agents make it their business to have a deep knowledge of both the properties and the areas in which they’re situated. They don’t mind if you ask lots of questions either, in fact they welcome it, since it means that you’re a serious tenant intent on finding the best possible property.
  • Technology: As well as embracing good old fashioned virtues such as customer service and one to one attention we make use of all that modern technology has to offer in order to make the process of finding a place to live as quick and simple as it can be. This begins with our website – the search engine employed makes it simple to streamline the search to hone in on properties which exactly meet your requirements in terms of size, location and rental price.  Having found a property which looks appealing, the website will give you a detailed floor plan, a breakdown of the facilities provided and a map locating it exactly within London. If you like what you see then you can arrange a viewing there and then or get in touch to ask more questions.
    The use of technology doesn’t end with the website. We employ the likes of text messaging, email, RSS, social media and a mobile app. to ensure that the channels of communication and information between tenant, agency and landlord are always open and running smoothly. If anything should go wrong, tenants have access to a 24 hour emergency helpline, something which offers total peace of mind.
  • Flexibility: We’re all too aware of the fact that people, both landlords and tenants, lead busy lives. Bearing that in mind we offer viewings of properties in the evenings and at weekends, and we don’t mind if you want to look over a property a number of times. If you don’t have access to the relevant technology, or feel more comfortable working face to face, our offices situated on high streets represent the perfect base from which to set about discovering your dream property.

Sterling De Vere boasts a huge and impressive portfolio, all of the advantages of working on a large scale and the technological power to back up this scale. They also, however, treat every tenant and landlord as an individual, and it is this personalisation of the process which makes it easy for us to find anyone’s perfect property.

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