Top Tips For Tenants Finding A Room To Rent

Trying to find a property or room for short term rent in London can be difficult.  There are so many boxes to tick – from location and amenities through to space and, perhaps most importantly, budget – that coping on your own can feel all but overwhelming. The forest of classified ads will seem awfully thick and threatening if you’re attempting to navigate your own way through it, which is why it’s invaluable to have an experienced and reputable guide by your side. By guide, we mean an agency which:

  • Knows the market inside out
  • Can be flexible when required
  • Never hesitates to answer questions and offer reassurance
  • Deals in rooms or properties which combine excellent minimum standards with value for money prices

What you just read through was a description of Sterling De Vere, and no matter why you need somewhere to stay, we’ll utilise a holistic approach which strives to match you as client with the best property possible.

It almost goes without saying that there are many properties or rooms in a city the size of London which simply don’t reach the kind of high standards which you have every right to expect. Landlords might be disreputable or inexperienced; all too often people rush into the world of renting properties as a quick fix financial boost, without taking the time to think properly about the kind of service they are providing. We run a guaranteed rental scheme, which has two major effects. The first is that the landlords we work for know exactly how much rent they are going to receive each month, but, secondly, it means that we can pick and choose and insist on offering our tenants nothing but the best.

As an indication of our determination to do the very best for our clients, we offer the following set of brief tips for anyone thinking of renting a room in London:

  • If the rent for a room seems cheap for the area, then be suspicious.  Research the local rents to establish the average being charged and remember – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Don’t be pressured into signing up quickly. Agents and landlords should always have time to answer questions and let you view properties properly.
  • Don’t use online money transfers to make payments as they can be difficult to trace and verify in the event of a dispute. Any landlord should be happy with a cheque or bank transfer.
  • People running scams, particularly from overseas, will often give the game away by using poorly written English in communications. Watch out for this.
  • Always view a room before committing to rent it. Photographs can mislead and hide existing problems.  Try to visit at different times of the day to get a complete picture.
  • Ask for the name of any deposit protection scheme which the landlord will be placing your deposit into.  A reputable landlord should welcome every opportunity to ensure that you feel relaxed, informed and happy.

Make sure you are safe at all times, especially when attending viewings. Try to take someone with you to every viewing, as this will both ensure you’re safety and give you another, more dispassionate, opinion on the room. If you can’t find someone to go with you then:

  • Ask for a landline number allowing you to confirm the location of the offices from which the property is let.
  • Meet at the actual address of the property.
  • Tell a friend, colleague or relative where you are going, who you are meeting and how long it should take.
  • If you rent a room in London whilst still in another country then use a trusted letting agent. If an individual landlord requests payment via online money transfer then refuse.

Of course, if you rent through Sterling De Vere then these precautions won’t be necessary. We act as an agent and honest broker between landlord and tenant and provide a service which means that round the clock help is always available.  Put simply, we bring together the following great offer:

Key facts

  • Full range of prices from budget single rooms to more expansive apartments.
  • All properties come fully furnished with amenities such as cooker, fridge and washing machine included as standard.
  • We also provide free weekly cleaning, a free TV licence and free bed linen.
  • To keep things simple all your bills, including council tax, are included in the rent.
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