Sterling De Vere’s Exciting Mobile Application For Tenants and Landlords

Offering a property for rent in London is a complicated and stressful process, as is looking for somewhere to stay. A lot of the stress can be removed from the process, for both parties, by going through an agency such as Sterling De Vere, which specialises in letting flexible short term tenancies in rooms within larger properties.

A lot of what makes the service offered by Sterling De Vere special boils down to old fashioned concepts such as excellence and customer service. Trained letting agents will be on hand to advise landlords and tenants through every step of the process, and the combination of experience, diligence and a huge portfolio means that almost every tenant hoping to rent a room in London and each landlord with a flat to rent will find the match that perfectly suits their needs. On top of this there are touches such as agents accompanying tenants on viewings even at the weekend or in the evening, and a 24 hour dedicated helpline set up to deal with any problems which might arise.

The other thing which the company can boast, however, is a determination to take advantage of the best which modern technology has to offer, meaning that tenants and landlords can take advantage of features such as text and email alerts, as well as a social media presence and RSS feed. The latest technological venture intended to improve and streamline the whole process is the launch of a free Apple & Google Play mobile application, which will make it possible for would be tenants to search quickly and easily for a property even whilst they are actually out pounding the streets.

The iPhone App
The key to the iPhone App is that it takes all of the information which would once have been provided by a trained and experienced agent working in an office, and puts it in the palm of your hand. The process begins with the search options, pictured below:

As can be seen, this portal to the search process allow users to specify a range of factors Sterling De Vere Apple Iphone Appwhich, taken together, represent the ideal room or property which they are looking for. Simply enter the type of property – i.e. room, flat, house etc. – and other details such as the number of rooms and exactly where you would like it to be.  The app will then draw up listings such as the one pictured in the image.

You can look up and save as many separate listing as you wish and then take the next step. This next step might be as simple as viewing pictures and videos of the property on your iPhone, and then using the app to arrange a viewing with an agent from Sterling De Vere. Alternatively, you could make use of the option which allows you to look up directions to the property either on foot, or by car or from the nearest tube station. From the tenants point of view the appeal is obvious – knowledge is power and this much knowledge at your fingertips will remove all of the uncertainty of trying to find a place to live. As far as landlords are concerned it means that the kind of detailed listing information which would once only have been housed in the offices of your letting agency is now out there on the web and easily accessible at any time of the day and night.

The Google Play App
The mobile app is also available via Google Play for use on Android devices and, as might be expected, boasts the same crisp, clear interface and high levels of usability. The software is such that you’ll be guided through the process as a series of simple steps.

By taking basic details such as the type of property required and the budget you’re working to, the app will draw up a selection of possible options.

Download FREE Sterling De Vere Android App Each of these possible lets can then be examined in detail, from checking their position on a map and examining the local facilities, to viewing photographs and videos. For each property you will also be able to work through a detailed questionnaire.

In this way you’ll be able to make absolutely certain that the property is just right, and when you’re certain that it is you can use the app to arrange a viewing.

From the other side of the equation, looking at things from a landlords point of view, it’s simple, quick and easy to upload the details of your property and, when Sterling De Vere have reached an agreement with you to take it on their listings, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that the property you’re offering could simply not be any easier to track down.

Sterling De Vere Mobile App Available on iTunes Store

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