Sterling De Vere Is the Largest Room Let Agency In London

Arriving in a big city like London, particularly if you’ve just left home or university or have recently arrived in the country, can be a bewildering and daunting affair. One of the first priorities will be finding somewhere to live that is comfortable, clean and affordable. The bad news is that there is plenty of London property to let which doesn’t meet these criteria. On the more positive side, however, there is a company like Sterling De Vere which combines flexibility with quality and customer service to provide a range of rooms and properties wide enough to meet anyone’s needs.

Why You Should Choose Sterling De Vere
If you’re looking for a room to rent in London then there’s no shortage of agencies and landlords willing to take your money and provide a service.  The best way to convince most people that Sterling De Vere represents the best and safest possible choice is simply to lay out a few simple facts about who we are, what we provide and the level of service you can expect. Individual tenants can then make up their own minds, but whether you’re looking for a flat to rent for Olympics 2014, a base to live in whilst holding down a temporary job or a room to stay in during a longer term stay in the country, it’s doubtful that you’ll find a better service anywhere.

Who are Sterling De Vere?
We are one of the biggest room let agencies in the whole of London, with more branches opening regularly and a round the clock commitment to serving their clients. The portfolio we can offer is so wide that, when it is combined with the expertise of the letting agents, it makes it possible to match client and room on the day the enquiry is made.

The Letting Offer
The company offers a huge range of properties and rooms but they all have simple things in common. For the sake of convenience, all are situated within easy reach of tube stations and public transport links, and every effort is made to ensure that landlords and tenants are kept fully informed at all stages of the tenancy. To this end, new technology has been enthusiastically embraced and utilised – emails, text messages, RSS feeds, social networking and a recently launched mobile app are all used to keep the channels of communication open. And if anything should go wrong a round the clock emergency helpline will be on hand to help put things right.

Extras Efforts Made To Make Renting Experience Smoother
One thing which Sterling De Vere are proud to proclaim is that they are always willing to go the extra mile and do that extra bit of work to make the renting experience as smooth, simple and efficient as possible. Amongst the smaller bonus offerings which make all the difference are the following:

    • Partnership:The company works in partnership with other agencies across the capital, meaning that they can let rooms and properties of the highest standard in all parts of London.
    • Speaking your language: London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and as part of their commitment to welcoming people from all over the planet, Sterling De Vere employ a team of bi-lingual consultants. No matter where you’re from, nothing is going to be lost in translation.
    • Clean: All the properties on offer will be cleaned by professionals before the tenant moves in, meaning that freshness is guaranteed and you can concentrate on settling into your new home.

A valuation which is quick and fair
If you’re a landlord with rooms to let in London then Sterling De Vere offer a service which combines speed and simplicity with quality. Put simply, they could have your property valued and on their books within twenty four hours. Once you’re registered with them, they’ll contact you within the day and then visit to draw up an accurate valuation. There are just a few simple criteria which your property has to meet, and they are as follows:

      • Your property is located within Tower Hamlets or Newham.
      • It has at least two bedrooms.
      • It is vacant or will become so within four weeks.
      • You can provide basic furniture.

If your property meets these requirements and you’re happy with the valuation being offered, then contracts can be signed there and then. From that moment the clock is ticking and the company guarantee that they’ll let your property within the week.

Once Sterling De Vere have valued and taken on your property, the full power of their state of the art marketing department will swing in behind you. This means that tenants looking for somewhere to rent will be made aware of your offer whether they visit one of the offices, check out the website or make use of the newly launched mobile application, which will allow tenants to examine the details of a property whilst they’re actually out and about engaging in viewings. In all cases, anyone interested in your property will be able to access an encyclopaedic range of information in relation to it. From locating it on a map to researching the local shops, transport links, schools and other facilities, any prospective tenant will be able to have all of their questions and concerns answered quickly and comprehensively.

As well as the basics such as detailed floor plans and descriptions of the rooms, the website listings also boast interactive mapping, high resolution aerial and satellite views and will be included in major property listings across the whole of the internet.

Managing the Properties
Once that contract is signed, landlords start to appreciate just how much Sterling De Vere offers. Put simply they will find a tenant quickly and get the best possible rent. Hundreds of landlords are already taking advantage of this and the other plus points which arise from being handled by a team of dedicated professional letting agents.

Viewing as a Tenant
The range of properties on offer is such that all tastes and budgets are likely to be met. The sheer number of valuations carried out means that the knowledge base built up is second to none, aiding the ability to match tenant with property as quickly as possible. The service is as personal as it is efficient, however, with agents on hand to accompany would-be tenants on all viewings, including weekends and evenings, something which is simply the start of an in-depth and hands on relationship.

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