The Importance of Letting Agents and Renting in London

The progression of lettings agents has been remarkable over past decade. With tens of thousands of options available, letting out your property in London is not only ideal but ever so convenient. Trying to rent out your property in a competitive and demanding environment can be a very difficult and challenging task for an individual, which is why here at Sterling De Vere we have created this guide to help you every step of the way.

So you’ve taken the wise decision to let out your property. Now the first step is to find yourself a considerable letting agent based on the area in which your property is.

Why use a letting agent to let out?

  • Sufficient Advertisement: By giving your property to a letting agent, your property will be effectively advertised on a number of different sources. Here at Sterling De Vere, we ensure we advertise all of our properties on several different websites which draws a lot of attention. Therefore, your property is bound to be let out in no time.
  • Attaining the highest price: With an established letting agent, you will be able to negotiate the highest price possible so that you can ensure you receive the rent at the price you want. With London in particular being a very demanding marketing, we at Sterling De Vere understand your needs and requirements.
  • Less hassle: Not only will there be a less stressful experience involved, a letting agent will take care of all of the paper work for you such as the contract and agreement.
  • Guaranteed Rent Scheme: One of the many advantages of letting out your home with us at Sterling De Vere is that we offer a Guaranteed Rent Scheme which indicates that you will receive your rent payment on time, every time and in full with no hassle or obligations!
  • Advice: As a landlord, we ensure a smooth transition for all parties and we offer 24 hour support and guidance every step of the way. So if you are a potential landlord, why not let out your property with one of east London’s biggest lettings agent’s. For further information, please visit the contact us section of our website.
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