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0800 014 8615Available 24 Hours a Day
0800 014 8615Available 24 Hours a Day
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"We provide the reassurance that comes with being in the very best hands"

Consularcare is a global consular services provider. Run by experienced Embassy-trained staff, our consular service helps travellers stay safe and healthy by reducing the risks, stress and costs attached to overseas travel; so that they can concentrate on what they should be doing – making money, enjoying their holiday or living a dream.

Emergency assistance is available in over 180 countries.

What we do

  • Able to resolve the most complex emergency situations.
  • Our round-the-clock global support also helps ensure your travel is a positive experience. Not one you’d rather forget.
  • We also help where the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) or your travel insurance company can’t or won’t.
"Consularcare are experts in Travel
Assurance and Travel Risk Mitigation"
Consularcare are experts in travel

Our Services provided by Ourselves or our partners

Before Your Trip During Your Trip After Your Trip
Visas/Passports/Courier Services Travel Solutions Advice Line for Corporates Post Trip Assessment and Planning
Consular Education and Training ConsularAssist for Travellers and their families Ongoing Consular Support
Consular Consultancy Executive Consular Protection UK Immigration
Travel Solutions Advice Line for Corporates Goverment Assistance Consular Consultancy
Country Travel Research Medical & Security Assistance  
FX Services Traveller/Expat Tracking  
Export Strategy    
Travel Insurance    

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You can contact Sterling De Vere for all Consularcare related services.

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