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Association of Residential Letting Agents Buy To Let Market Report

Research in 2007 by The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) suggests over two million people in the UK are renting and this number has dramatically increased over recent years. This boom is occurring for various reasons - talk to us to plot the next step for your buy to let portfolio.

Why Does A Let To Buy Mortgage Suit First Time Investors?

A let to buy mortgage can be a good first step for someone who is new to property investment. That's because in many ways a let to buy mortgage minimises the risks of investing in a new property. Let to buy reverses the traditional BTL mortgage route by having investors rent out their existing home to buy a new one.

So, how does a first time investor get hold of a let to buy mortgage? This is easier than you think as the scheme has been around for a long time. In the dismal financial days of the early 1990s, many people went for a let to buy mortgage as it was the only way to move house in a depressed property market. This means that there is plenty of choice when it comes to mortgage deals. Some lenders even offer rental cover on a 100 per cent let to buy mortgage, making it very easy for the new investor. And investors can fund the deposit on their new home by releasing the equity in their old home. Best of all, they retain the old home, which continues to appreciate in value.

As with any mortgage, it is worth shopping around for a good deal. New investors would be well advised to get advice from our expert professional broker, to be sure that they get the right let to buy mortgage for their needs.

Why A Buy-To-Let-Mortgage Is A Good Choice for Investors

A survey from Paragon Mortgages with Buy-to-Let in mind indicated that legal migration from the EU is having a very positive affect on the rental market in the UK.

So You Think You Don't Need Buy To Let Mortgage Advice?

The Buy to Let mortgage market is a very specialist area of investment and not to be taken lightly. It makes sense to get good impartial advice before getting into property investment, particularly if this is your first time.

By far the best solution for buy to let mortgage advice is to talk to a specialist buy to let mortgage broker or independent financial adviser. There are two reasons to seek BTL information in this way. First, our professional broker will discuss your individual circumstances with you. If you need a buy to let mortgage for a large portfolio or have to self-certify, then the advice you receive will be tailored to these requirements.

Second, our professional broker has an overview of all the mortgage deals in the market. Some of these are available only through intermediaries, so they are not on lenders' websites. Going to a professional will ensure that you do not miss out on a buy to let deal that is perfect for you. You will be getting the deal that suits you, rather than being forced to suit the deal. And that's a good reason to get in touch with us for professional buy to let mortgage advice.

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