What’s new at Sterling De Vere this summer?

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We all love the sizzling heat this summer. We like to travel abroad or visit new places in London. Sterling De Vere has mind blowing deals and new rooms tor reserve today. Read more to find out…


We know how much people like summer and accommodation is important, if you’re looking to stay more than a day. Here at Sterling De Vere, we can help you with finding a room in London. Since it’s summer, we want to give you as many deals to help you stay in London on a budget and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

We have many rooms in new properties Look at these single and double rooms that could be yours!

1.)    Lister House:

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Double room in E1. Starting from £180 per week. (Available 13th August. Reserve Now!) 


2.)    Trinidad House:

31tr rm2 -4




Single room in E14. Starting from £160 per week. (Available 30th July. Reserve Now!)


3.)    Yeoman Court:

Room 2




Double room in E14. Starting from £280 per week. (Available 27th August. Reserve Now)


4.)    Parkview Apartments:





Double room in E14. Starting from £250 per week. (Available 1st August. Reserve Now!)


Here’s the exciting part! Simply click on “rent” found in the navigation bar, then book a room that you’re interested in. After doing this, you will find receive £300 cashback when renting a room with us TODAY!

Even better, get 2 weeks of free rent when booking a room with us. We all love anything that’s free and that’s what we’re offering our lovely customers. We are loyal to our customers and we want the best for them.

Sounds too good to be true? Chat to us, we will help you find the ideal room and start your journey smoothly. What are you waiting for? Browse through our rooms and arrange a viewing before these rooms get sold!

How to prepare for the World Cup 2018!

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Will you be in London to watch the World Cup. Here are a few tips on how to prepare yourself for the World Cup. Scroll down to read more…


As you know, the World Cup will take place in Russia and most of us are excited to watch this grand tournament. Have you chosen who to support? Comment below which team you will be supporting this year

1.)    Location:

Have you chosen the location of where to watch the games? Most people either go to the Pub to watch the matches or from the comfort of their homes. If you have decided to watch in the pub, then make sure to grab a pint of beer because your local pub will be packed with people watching the match. Another way is inviting some friends over and watch it together, creates a good vibe.

2.)    Snacking:

You don’t want to eat anything heavy during the match, maybe a light snack could work out. You don’t want to travel far to get your favourite snacks, surely the area you’re living in has local shops or supermarkets where you can buy affordable snacks. A packet of crisps with a saucy dip could be ideal when watching the match, if you’re having people over don’t forget to share!

3.)    Health and Safety:

Health and Safety is important when watching the match. Make sure you’re in good health especially if you’re not watching it from home, if you’re planning on drinking when watching the match, be reasonable with the amount of alcohol you’re consuming especially if you’re driving, you don’t want to be drunk and driving. Also, make sure that you’re not getting into any fights or arguments as it can cause other people getting hurt emotionally or physically.


If you’re looking for a place to stay when watching the World Cup, then we have short term lets in London for you to rent out today to prepare you for the match. In fact, we will find you to nearest local shops/supermarkets and place to watch the match whether it’s your own room or the pub, we are here to find the best location for you to stay and watch the match. Browse through our latest rooms ready to rent out today and we will happily show you the room.

Why do we recommend you to stay in east London?

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East London is known for their multi-cultural community and tall sky scrapers in Canary Wharf. Cabot_Square,_Canary_Wharf_-_June_2008You have a variety of things to do and direct access of travelling to your desired destination. Read more to find out what you can unravel in east London…

If you’re coming to London for work or educational purposes, then east London is the place to stay as you have great transport links to the City. Furthermore, east London has grand offices and you will see more of them in Canary Wharf, Canada Square. If you’re a businessman/businesswoman, then you are likely to be working here as well as central London.

As well as working here, you will have the chance to take advantage of the amazing facilities surrounding you. Saharagrill_ilford_2There are a range of restaurants you can indulge yourself in. Whitechapel and Brick Lane have the best restaurants that many locals love to visit, you have a wide range of Indian cuisines and other multi-cultural foods. If you’re into more quirky and funky, then Shoreditch is the place to go, although everyone is welcome there but it’s more focused on students and young adults. They have clubs, bars, food festivals and much more!

If you like entertainment and leisure, then you can easily find what you want to do nearby the area you’re staying in. Westfield StratfordThere are several cinemas spotted around east London Stratford, Canary Wharf and Shoreditch are the main areas where you can sit back and watch your favourite movies. If you like shopping then Westfield Stratford is the place, Westfield the UK’s largest shopping mall and many people enjoy shopping here as there are high-end to low-end shops, restaurants and a massive cinema.

If you’re looking to stay in east London and want to experience all of this, then we would offer you the best room for you at a reasonable price. We have short term lets in east London, we make sure to find a room that suits you as well as finding the nearest places you can visit for leisure and commute easily. Why not browse through our latest rooms and arrange a viewing today!

Things to do in London

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Sterling De Vere has a few tips up their sleeve that will benefit you when touring around London. Scroll down to read more…

Why Visit London, UK?

London is a cosmopolitan city with some of the most famous buildings, museums and galleries picadillyin the world. Many people come here to tour around London to shop till they drop or for professional purposes. 

But it’s not just looking backwards, there’s always new attractions and events happening in London no matter what the weather is like. London is also one of the most international cities with people from all around the world making their home here. At Sterling De Vere, we try our best to accommodate our customers in a convenient area where they stay comfortably and travel without a hassle.

London is also a multi-cultural city with succulent dishes that will make your dribble. There are areas where you can find what you want to eat such as:

  • Indian Cuisines: Whitechapel, Upton Park and Southall are the main areas where you can feast upon authentic Asian cuisines.137878453
  • Oriental Cuisines: China Town is the place to go, opposite Leicester Square station, you will find yourself in an atmosphere as if you’re China.
  • Urban/Street Food: If you’re into street food and the urban atmosphere then visit Camden Market or Shoreditch High Street where it’s jam packed with markets, entertainment and a variety of food stalls.
  • Middle Eastern Cuisines: Want to take your journey to the middle east? Then you must visit Edgware Road. Offering you a range of Lebanese, Moroccan, Egyptian dishes- you know you’re in the middle east when you smell the shisha flavours in the air.

Best Things to Do in London, UK

  • Walk along South Bank: Follow the Thames from the London Eye along to Tower Bridge and you’ll pass some of London’s most famous buildings, like the Tower of London, shardShakespeare’s Globe and Tate Modern. You’ll also pass the Parliament of London in Westminster where you’ll see the magnificent Big Ben.
  • Get a great view: Don’t we all enjoy a nice sunset view? Then don’t miss out on what the city has installed for you. The best view is from The Shard and St Paul’s Cathedral allowing you to see a mesmerising view of London. Want to take this to another level, climb to the top of the Monument and the O2 to see across London from the peak.
  • Visit the museums and galleries: We all like it when we find something that’s free, right? 1018342005_main_entrance_2_464x464Well London Museums and Galleries are free to visit all you need money for is the gift shop. Make the most of it because not everything is free in London. Choose from big names like the British Museum and National Gallery. Other educational museums are the Science Museum and Imperial War Museum.
  • Escape the city into the parks: London has plenty of parks and gardens, from Hyde Park and Regents Park to Kew Gardens and Kensington Gardens. Stroll through the greenery and soak in the fresh air. Best time to do this is during the summer, you don’t want to miss out on this as summer only comes once a year in London!

Best places to shop in London:

  • Oxford Circus: Everyone knows and loves Oxford Circus. They have thousands of shops that will tempt you to buy without leaving. Nearest station is Oxford Circus, or you can stop 1338545_Selfridges-launches-chauffer-serviceat Marble Arch where it takes you to the beginning of Oxford Circus.
  • Westfield: Westfield is London’s largest shopping centre. There are two Westfields in London, one in Stratford and Shepherds Bush. They both operate on the Central line. In Westfield, you don’t only shop till you drop but they have a massive food court where you can choose from a range of dishes that you will enjoy.
  • Selfridges: Selfridges is a department store in Oxford Street hosting up to 9 floors that have designer brands but even if you don’t want to shop there, it’s still nice to walk around and look at the trendy products they have on sale.
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