Things to do in London

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Sterling De Vere has a few tips up their sleeve that will benefit you when touring around London. Scroll down to read more…

Why Visit London, UK?

London is a cosmopolitan city with some of the most famous buildings, museums and galleries picadillyin the world. Many people come here to tour around London to shop till they drop or for professional purposes. 

But it’s not just looking backwards, there’s always new attractions and events happening in London no matter what the weather is like. London is also one of the most international cities with people from all around the world making their home here. At Sterling De Vere, we try our best to accommodate our customers in a convenient area where they stay comfortably and travel without a hassle.

London is also a multi-cultural city with succulent dishes that will make your dribble. There are areas where you can find what you want to eat such as:

  • Indian Cuisines: Whitechapel, Upton Park and Southall are the main areas where you can feast upon authentic Asian cuisines.137878453
  • Oriental Cuisines: China Town is the place to go, opposite Leicester Square station, you will find yourself in an atmosphere as if you’re China.
  • Urban/Street Food: If you’re into street food and the urban atmosphere then visit Camden Market or Shoreditch High Street where it’s jam packed with markets, entertainment and a variety of food stalls.
  • Middle Eastern Cuisines: Want to take your journey to the middle east? Then you must visit Edgware Road. Offering you a range of Lebanese, Moroccan, Egyptian dishes- you know you’re in the middle east when you smell the shisha flavours in the air.

Best Things to Do in London, UK

  • Walk along South Bank: Follow the Thames from the London Eye along to Tower Bridge and you’ll pass some of London’s most famous buildings, like the Tower of London, shardShakespeare’s Globe and Tate Modern. You’ll also pass the Parliament of London in Westminster where you’ll see the magnificent Big Ben.
  • Get a great view: Don’t we all enjoy a nice sunset view? Then don’t miss out on what the city has installed for you. The best view is from The Shard and St Paul’s Cathedral allowing you to see a mesmerising view of London. Want to take this to another level, climb to the top of the Monument and the O2 to see across London from the peak.
  • Visit the museums and galleries: We all like it when we find something that’s free, right? 1018342005_main_entrance_2_464x464Well London Museums and Galleries are free to visit all you need money for is the gift shop. Make the most of it because not everything is free in London. Choose from big names like the British Museum and National Gallery. Other educational museums are the Science Museum and Imperial War Museum.
  • Escape the city into the parks: London has plenty of parks and gardens, from Hyde Park and Regents Park to Kew Gardens and Kensington Gardens. Stroll through the greenery and soak in the fresh air. Best time to do this is during the summer, you don’t want to miss out on this as summer only comes once a year in London!

Best places to shop in London:

  • Oxford Circus: Everyone knows and loves Oxford Circus. They have thousands of shops that will tempt you to buy without leaving. Nearest station is Oxford Circus, or you can stop 1338545_Selfridges-launches-chauffer-serviceat Marble Arch where it takes you to the beginning of Oxford Circus.
  • Westfield: Westfield is London’s largest shopping centre. There are two Westfields in London, one in Stratford and Shepherds Bush. They both operate on the Central line. In Westfield, you don’t only shop till you drop but they have a massive food court where you can choose from a range of dishes that you will enjoy.
  • Selfridges: Selfridges is a department store in Oxford Street hosting up to 9 floors that have designer brands but even if you don’t want to shop there, it’s still nice to walk around and look at the trendy products they have on sale.

Top 5 places to visit this summer

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Summer is already here, and we have a few ideas under our sleeves that we think will benefit you. Whether you’re new to this city or been here for a while, you’re more than welcome to read through the 5 top places to visit this summer.

1.)    Sky Garden:

sky gardenSky Garden is popular for it’s exquisite views of London and great space to relax and tour around with your friends and family. Inside the Sky Garden there are a range of restaurants on the top floor. This is perfect for tourists who want to visit London as they can experience London from a different perspective. Sky Garden is in 20 Fenchurch Street, nearest station is Monument station. You can book a free visit on

2.)    The Shard:

shardThe Shard is like the Sky Garden, but it incorporates retail, offices, hotel, apartments, restaurants and a public viewing gallery. However, you must book tickets to visit The Shard. The Shard is located outside London Bridge station which saves you time when looking for the building. You can start booking your tickets on

3.)    Kew Gardens:

kewKew Gardens is a botanical garden that exhibits a wide range of plants and scientific research. Inside Kew Gardens there’s a stunning glasshouse and includes an experience of the exotic rainforest. The Princess of Wales Conservatory invites you to experience 10 of the world’s climate zones- isn’t that incredible! There are many attractions you can explore in Kew Gardens, it’s located in Kew, nearest station being Kew Gardens Rail. Book your tickets in advance on

4.)    Hyde Park:

hydeHyde Park is one of London’s largest park which comprises of greenery and events happening during the seasons. Hyde Park has a rose garden that you can stroll through and it’s perfect for taking Instagram pictures. Winter Wonderland takes place here and it’s open in winter, the good news is that it’s free, but you will need to pay for the attractions and other activities. Hyde Park is outside Marble Arch station so travelling wouldn’t be a hassle.

5.)    Rooftop Film Club:

rooftopTake your film to another level. Introducing you to Rooftop Film Club in Shoreditch, Stratford and Peckham. Watch your movie in a unique fashion, sit back and relax on the deckchairs and put on your headphones and watch your movie like never. There are three locations depending on what movie is showcasing. Go on their website, choose what movie you want to watch and see the location.

How to stay in London on a budget

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Okay, we’re probably biased because London is our home but it’s one of the most historical and picadillycosmopolitan cities in the UK. London has a mix of different cultures and powerful music, art and design scenes. Sometimes elegant, sometimes a little rough around the edges but with many pockets of true originality and English eccentricity – London attracts overseas visitors who like to invest in their business and experience new places around the city.

You might have heard that London is one of the most expensive cities – competing with cities like Tokyo and Paris in the big money stakes. Although, it can be a cheap date if you know what you’re doing. Here are some tips of where to head to if you’re staying in London, without blowing all your budget in one go.

You may or may not realise that London has some attractions that are free, such as the famous tsBritish Museum on Great Russell Street is a prime example; hundreds of galleries of artefacts from around the world such as the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

Of course, art lovers would want to explore exhibitions and galleries. Tate Britain and Tate Modern galleries both offering free admission and Victoria and Albert Museum being the world’s largest museum in London hosting a permanent collection of 2.3 million objects.

If you’re blessed with a nice sunny day in London, then just enjoy the city for what it is. Take a leisurely stroll through the greenery of London’s magnificent gardens. Gardens such as Hyde Park, Primrose Hill (Regents Park), Kew Gardens and much more. You will also be amazed by the wide-range of markets around London. Spitalfields market, Brick Lane market, Borough market and Camden market are the most common markets in London, visited by many tourists and most of their products are quite affordable, feel free to soak up the atmosphere.

Eating out can be a quick way to burn through your holiday money in any big city and London is no exception. Food can be expensive in London, but you need to know where to eat on a budget, hence why I’m here to make your lives easier when it comes to buying food in London. blog1A lot of people are a fan of curry take outs but why not visit an area full of curry houses? Presenting you Whitechapel and Brick Lane where you can feast on many exquisite dishes as you desire. If you’re a vegan lover then visit Shoreditch/Hoxton that has a funky vibe and scrumptious food on a budget.

London’s nightlife is world-renowned, don’t forget to have enough to spend during your night out. People love to visit the bar and club. Why not explore Camden, Shoreditch and Piccadilly Circus? Everything turns lively when it’s after 6pm. With a vast number of clubs to visit at a cheap price, you can’t go wrong when having fun in London. If you’re a student visiting London, then you are lucky to have access to the bars and clubs that are under £10!

Looking to stay more than one night in London then there are plenty of hotels that you can relax in. Although, they are quite pricey but it’s worth it. maps2There are the standard bed and breakfasts such as Premier inn and Travelodge, but you would want something more comfortable to stay in and feel as though you’re experiencing the London vibe. Sterling De Vere has a range of short term letting for you to rent out, fully furnished and equipped with your daily essentials and all bills included. Browse through the website and find your perfect room to rent today!

Renting a room with Sterling De Vere

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Experience with Sterling De Vere:

Sterling De Vere is a great choice to make when moving to London. They offer the best rooms suited to you, they find an area that is convenient for travelling and making sure you’re comfortable in the environment you’re staying at.  House-and-Keys-in-hand

They offer the best rooms and services that will not disappoint you. When you walk into the room, you will see how immaculate the place is and how friendly the tenants are. You’ll be presented with the facilities that the property includes, we hope you like the place because we provide you with the essentials you need to get you started on your journey.


Benefits of staying in London:

London has a lot of things that will entertain you. There are vast number of restaurants catered to you, bars and clubs which will make your night vibrant. The areas that Sterling De Vere offers such as Shoreditch, Whitechapel, Canary Wharf etc are the prime areas that you want to stay, besides having a cosy sleep after a long day, they also want you to have fun whilst it lasts.175691840

Some people would think that London isn’t the place to stay but it’s honestly there are countless things you can do, all you need to do is go out and explore the new places that the city has to offer. East London provides you with easy access of travelling hence, travelling to the city is stress-free as not that far from the areas where the rooms are situated.


Services that Sterling De Vere provide:

Sterling De Vere makes sure you have a pleasant stay, and this means you won’t have anything to worry about.png

They provide you with a weekly cleaning service that come in and clean your communal area; when coming into your property, you’re walking in as if you just moved in again.

They do a really good job when cleaning the communal area. They also want to make sure you stay in a clean environment.

All bills are included in most of our properties which means everything is inclusive in the rent.

20172202_MainImg_PUB_LIJMarch2017-Online_V0164Sterling De Vere is an award-winning estate agent and they will never disappoint you when it comes to renting a room. They are very helpful when you need something with their outstanding customer service, if you have something wrong they will make sure that they sort it out immediately.

In a nutshell, Sterling De Vere puts the customer first when they want to rent a room and would want them to enjoy their stay in their property and make the most of the facilities outside the property.

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